Origional Sin

In my most recent article, I traveled to the Turkish/Syrian border in search of the truth behind the dogma of Original Sin. What I discovered suggests that the biblical account of the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden may not be what it seems, and that the notion of Original Sin may be a memory of the last Pagan god of the ancient world, the Mesopotamian god, Sin.

Original Sin

Researching “Original Sin” at the ancient university and observatory, in Harran, Turkey.

I hope you enjoy it. I had a great time researching it.

You can read it here.

Capricorn Radio

I was recently interviewed by Heather Elizabeth Osborn and Edward James Swager for their Capricorn Radio Program, and really enjoyed the range of subjects we discussed, which included the sacred honey bee, Atlantis, and even why Noah was found naked and passed out in his tent after the great flood.

Click on the image above, or here, to watch it.

I hope you can check it out.



The (New) Heretic Issue 6

I’m excited to introduce Issue 6 of the new Heretic Magazine (of which I am the Editor). As usual, its loaded with the best and brightest writers in the alternative history and mystery genre, as well as the remarkable designs of my good friend, the Heretic Creative Director, Mark Foster. It’s simply not to be missed.


Additionally, you should check out our new website. It’s another Mark Foster marvel.

Further, you can watch my Issue 6 video Editorial here.

Thanks for have a look around.  I hope you like it.

Carpe diem,



I am excited to present my updated Hidden Hive of History in Glastonbury – the ancient Beekeepers Island – at the inaugural Beeholdium festival this month.


As you may know, the Hidden Hive of History is my body of research around the veneration of the honeybee.

In my two-part talk I will examine the lost tradition of the most deified god or goddess that has ever existed: the honeybee – the forgotten god of the ancients. The presentation will graphically chronicle a sacred tradition that has existed for over 100 million years. In the process I will illustrate how an awareness of this lost tradition brings new insight into enigmas such as Atlantis, the Sphinx, goddess worship, the Grail, religion, politics, Freemasonry, the Illuminati and, most importantly, our own wellbeing and the preservation of our planet, Earth.

It is going to be a fantastic weekend, with loads of amazing presenters and exhibitors. You can check it all out here (www.beeholdium.com).

I hope you can join me.